Responsible placement of beehives.

Beehive Rental Pollination

Beehive rental

Ever wanted to have a beehive or two in your backyard or lifestyle block but never knew where to start Here at Beehive Rentals we can supply sustainable, fully managed and maintained beehives for either an annual charge or a month to month fee. We take full care of the bees, ensure the hive stays healthy and productive, take care of all disease management and compliance requirements. You benefit from sustainable and increased pollination of gardens and Fruit trees, some delicious raw honey from your own hive. 

Site visits for beehives

We visit the site free of charge for the initial visit. This initial visit is to become familiar with your garden or yard and to find the best location for the placement of the beehive.
Subsequent site visits are to place the beehives. Don't worry as we do take care of our bees, we first take care of the site registration  and perform disease checks and varroa mite control measures.

We further check swarm prevention and collection. When you are interested we share our knowledge with you and you can join us during inspections to observe our beekeeping techniques.

We have several honey plans and depending on the chosen plan you have options for the honey which is made in the beehive.

Beehive Rental Pollination of flower

Beehive Rental

Beehive rental is a very cost effective way to enjoy all the benefits of Bees on your property without the hassle and time of maintaining the Beehives. At beehive rental we supply healthy and happy bees in both urban and rural settings. With beehive rental the hard work is done for you, beehive rental ensures all compliance requirements are met. With your beehive rental you get to enjoy some of the delicious honey that is produced, The beehive rental hive provides excellent pollination of the fruit trees and flowers on your property as well as neighbouring properties. Your neighbours will thank you for having  a Beehive rental.

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