Beehive Rental

Beehive (s) rental to increase pollination and yield.

Pollination of fruit and some Berry crops by the addition of carefully managed Beehives to crops at pollination time increases yield.
It is important to have strong hives, with good numbers of forage bees to achieve high rates of pollination and therefore increased yield.
A strong hive would generally consist of 4 to 7 frames of brood and good numbers of forage bees, a hive like this would have an estimated population of between 25 and 40 thousand bees.  


Beehive (s) density  

Every crop has a different requirement in terms of hives per acre, some examples are: Standard Apples 1  x hive per acre, whereas 3 hives per acres for pollination of Dward Apples.
Berries also require different rates depending on species: Blueberries require 3 x hives per acres, whereas Strawberries require 1 x Hive per acre.
If you are concerned about achieving great rates of pollination , and therefore a better yield and a greater return per hectare, maximising profits, contact us.
Our team covers the greater Waikato and further afield if needed.
There is no pollination job too small for the team here, for further information please use the contact form.

Beehive rental is a very cost effective way to enjoy all the benefits of Bees on your property without the hassle and time of maintaining the Beehives. 

 At beehive rental we supply healthy and happy bees in both urban and rural settings. With beehive rental the hard work is done for you, beehive rental ensures all compliance requirements are met. 

 With your beehive rental you get to enjoy some of the delicious honey that is produced, The beehive rental hive provides excellent pollination of the fruit trees and flowers on your property as well as neighbouring properties. 

 Your neighbours will thank you for having  a Beehive rental.

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